Getting Married in Maine

marriage_graphicMarriage Intentions Form (Fillable)


Due to the time required by State licensing requirements, your marriage license must be obtained by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

To make the process go smoothly, be prepared with:

  • Picture ID: Driver's License / State ID Card, or Passport.
  • Court Certified Divorce Decree: Most recent divorce for each applicant with raised seal, observing 21 day wait period or provide certified court waiver.
  • Proof of Residency: Street address (if not on driver's license) or document showing Physical Street Address.
  • Form Requires: Names of both applicants' parents (first, middle, mother's maiden & last)of all parties, as well as parents' state/province and country of birth.
  • Must be Present: Both applicants must appear and sign in the presence of the Municipal Clerk (exceptions are incarceration / imminent death).
  • Social Security Numbers: Are required on the form
  • Must be at least 18 years of age: If under 18 please inquire about requirements for parental consent/ Judge of Probate.

 Where do I obtain a marriage license?

  • If both of you are residents of the state of Maine, you should both apply at the town office where at least one of you is a resident. If you are residents of different Maine towns, you both may apply in one town or the other - but not both.
  • If one is from out of state, then both of you should apply in the town where one holds residency.
  • If neither of you is a resident of Maine, then you may apply in any Maine town office. It need not be the same town where you plan to be married, but may be advisable to help you at a later date to remember where to get a copy of your license.
  • Marriage licenses are issued at the town or city level. Both the bride and groom must visit the town office in person to apply for the marriage license. You may want to check for directions to the Town Hall.
  • When applying for your license, you must first complete an Intentions of Marriage Form. This document will be used by the Clerk to complete your marriage license.
  • It should be downloaded from this website and completed in advance to save time in the Clerk's      marriage_certificatee office. Please fill in all information and double check for correctness to avoid extra time in the Clerk's Office and/or waiting for amendments to be filed. The Intentions of Marriage Form must be signed in the presence of the Clerk so please do not sign it ahead of time.
  • Please expect to spend approximately 45 -60 minutes for the issuance of your license.
  • Due to the time required by State licensing requirements, your marriage license must be obtained by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • Please call the Clerk's office to schedule an appiontment. The last appointment time will be at least one (1) hour prior to closing.
  • Download your Intention of Marriage Form at the bottom of this page.
  • If you require additional information, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 207-324-5872 Ext. 204 or email:

 How Long is my License Valid?

Your marriage license is valid for 90 days and can only be used within the State of Maine.  There is no longer a Waiting Period from the time your marriage license is issued until your wedding can take place. The person performing the ceremony is responsible for  completing the remainder of the marriage license and filing the marriage certificate with the town office that issued the marriage license.


There is a $40.00 fee for a marriage license. After the officiant files your marriage license, you will probably wish to purchase a Certificate of Marriage. The Certificate of Marriage is needed for name changes on a driver's license, passport, bank account, social security account, etc.

There is an additional charge of $15.00 ($6.00 for each additional copy purchased at the same time) for this certificate.                                                                                                                                    

Please note that the Municipal clerk does not automatically mail the certificate to you.

Who may officiate at the marriage?      

         The following individuals are authorized to perform marriages in Maine:

     •  Ordained ministers of the gospel  • A person licensed to preach by an association of ministers, religious seminary  (Minister, Priest, Rabbi, etc.)             

     •  Judges or justices (residents of Maine only)  • Lawyers admitted to the Maine Bar (residents of Maine only)  • Maine Notaries