Tax Collector
Registration Information:

This office registers the following
  • Boats Snowmobiles
  • ATV's
  • Cars
  • All kinds of Trucks
  • Trailers/Campers
Forms You Need to Register a Vehicle
  1. Title Application (Blue Copy)
  2. Bill of Sale
  3. Current Proof of Insurance ID Card  If you do not have your proof of insurance, you may have it faxed to the town 207-324-1289 for a fee of $.50 per page.
  4. Window Sticker (MSRP, if it is a new car – used to pay excise tax)
  5. Old registration (yellow copy) if transferring plates from your trade-in
Forms You Need to Re-register a Vehicle
  1. Registration copy (yellow)
  2. Current Proof of Insurance ID card

Tax Collector Items of Interest: The 2014 tax rate is $14.25 per thousand dollars


  • The 2014 tax rate is $14.25 per thousand dollars
  • Taxes are always due on October 1st
    Change of Interest Date as approved by Town Meeting March 8, 2008
  • Please take notice that interest will begin on October 2nd on any balance not paid on or before October 1st at 7% (percent) per annum.
  • The fiscal year is January to December


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