Transfer Station


Only persons with a current Permit Sticker (available when car is registered or at Selectmen's Office) will be allowed to use the Alfred Transfer Station. Stickers will be affixed to the vehicles on the driver side of the inside of the windshield.

All materials delivered to the Transfer Station must come from property located in the Town of Alfred . "Contract Haulers" are defined as any person or company that hauls trash for a fee.  They require an annual permit through the Selectmen.   A cubic yard is defined as 3' X 3' X 3' or 27 cubic feet.  The Transfer Attendant will determine the number of yards on a vehicle at the time of disposal.

The following items are accepted at no charge: ·

PLASTICS: All plastic containers are now accepted, as long as they have the recycling mark numbered 1 through 7 printed on them.  PLEASE RINSE AND FLATTEN. ·       

All glass bottles, and jars, including Pyrex, drinking glasses, ceramic or glass tableware, plates, cups, mugs, bowls, ceramic or glass cookware, mirror glass, plate glass, other household glass, vases, mixing bowls, measuring cups, canning jars, etc.  ceramic tiles, ceramic sinks, tubs, bathroom fixtures.  Automotive windshields and other tempered glass.·

TIN:  Tin cans, metal lids and food containers are accepted.  Aerosol cans are accepted as long as they are empty.  ·       

Non returnable beverage cans, clean aluminum foil, aluminum cans and aluminum cooking containers.·       

Cardboard boxes and clean pizza boxes MUST be flattened.·

NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES: Newspapers, magazines, flyers, telephone books and catalogs.

MIXED PAPER: Office paper, envelopes, computer paper, junk mail, photocopy paper, wrapping paper, (no foil), manila folders, shredded paper, brochures, paper-back books. (NO carbon paper, soiled paper products, napkins, paper plates, towels, pressure sensitive labels, tissue or tyvek mailers.)·       

PRESSBOARD:  paperboard boxes, cereal boxes, dry food boxes, paper towel tubes, egg cartons, file folders. ·       




No appliances containing freon. 
They may be taken to Industrial Metal Recycling Facility on Route 1 in Arundel , Maine for a minimal fee.  Phone #:  985-4892

Transfer Station Fees
Click the link below to view the Transfer Station Fees.
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