Industrial Vs Non Industrial Plasma Cutting Machines

Industrial Vs Non Industrial Plasma Cutting Machines

Industrial vs non industrial plasma equipment

Plasma cutting technology is a widely used process that has gained popularity for its ability to cut most metal shapes and is quite favored for its simplicity in use. Its versatility with its range of features and applications has made it a universally accepted metal cutting process.

Non industrial plasma

Non industrial plasma is best suited for garage users of steel manufacturing which requires plasma cutting maybe 2 3 hours a day 3 4 days a week. A plasma in this class fits best for small operations that work with mostly tailor made jobs. Non industrial plasma units are much cheaper to buy than industrial plasma but can not tolerate the current high volume for which an industrial plasma is intended. Airplane and lower end conventional mechanized plasma usually fall into the non industrial plasma category.

Industrial plasma

Industrial plasma refers to plasma devices that focus on high volume large production plants that have sufficient work to develop a machine to operate a full eight hour shift five days a week. Plasma in this class can usually work up to three eight hours shift per day seven days a week if needed. If your business fits into this category an industrial plasma is not only preferable but an absolute necessity.

Higher end Conventional plasma and HD plasma masks fall into the industrial plasma category. With todays advances but High Definition is generally optional plasma due to the higher levels of automation that they provide as well as the higher level of cutting ability that they can achieve.

Advantages of industrial plasma HD plasma

Lower operating costs

Oxygen and multi gas capacity for improved

Faster cutting speeds

Improved weldability

Significantly longer consumption life

Thicker cutting capacity

Quickly switch torch

100% work cycle

Hi Definition Technology

Best cut quality including square edges and round holes

Mark cut and angle with the same consumables

More process options to optimize the cut quality

Remote controlled CNC gas shifting capacity

Patent TruHole technology for best plasma cutting holes unique to Hypertherm HD plasmids

Hdi thin rust technology

Optimum gas mixture for medium grade stainless steel

Higher penetration ability

Much higher automation

Higher resale value

Much longer service life of the machine

Significantly higher production capacity

Significantly higher computer aided design function

Essential components of an industrial plasma cutting machine

What is essential for a plasma machines ability to provide continuous quality cutting is the controls of a plasma unit. A well designed well designed control unit is crucial to deliver consistent high precision levels and high quality performed at high speeds for long hours. A poor to average controller is unable to achieve consistent precision especially over long production intervals where it is likely to overheat or break down.

The control units consist of five main components. power source control unit lifts drives and servomotors.

Power source

Its very important to get a renowned plasma source for your machine to achieve high performance and reliability to deliver consistent cutting quality high productivity low operating costs and long service life.


The lift is an essential component that provides accurate height control of the plasma torch. Using a high quality THC height sensor reduces the cutting edge to reduce cycle time up to 60% providing better cutting quality thanks to proper fitting length energy saving and longer service life.

In addition the torque height regulators automatically adjust the torque for the correct torch length to optimize the cut quality and consumable life. Traditional torque adjustments require an operator to regularly adjust the arc voltage to ensure proper cutting height.


The control unit must have all process capabilities built in providing flexibility and user friendliness for the end user. A quality control unit has a digital I and O serial system that provides reliable operating system quality and improves cutting quality and productivity.

The software should enable flexibility and user friendliness for the end user so that a person with little or no experience on the regulator can cut as an experienced professional in as little as a day.

High End Servo Drives and Motors

High end devices like Bosch help ensure high rigidity that is essential for accuracy minimal backlash and easy adjustment. The servo drives receive command signals that amplify and transmit electrical power to the servo motor to produce motion proportional to command signals.

Their greatest advantage over DC.

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