Serial entrepreneurs - Michael Bissonette

Serial entrepreneurs - Michael Bissonette

How did he create a fast-growing company with plants that enjoy land

In 2002, Michael Bissonette created a company called AeroGrow from Boulder, Colorado, with the goal of marketing and selling a revolutionary idea involving growing non-soil plants. In fact, his idea is so new that a new category of kitchen appliances would be needed. This new category is now called kitchen equipment. Talk about innovative strategy ... one of the many talents entrepreneurs need.

Its about a device that allows people to grow plants quickly inside their homes without using land. Until recently, only researchers and criminals were interested in this type of device, but Michael Bissonette came up with the idea of making this kind of device available to a much larger public. Driven by this new idea, he hopes to create a brand new market that generates billions of dollars in new revenues. He seems to be well on his way.

No garden but fresh herbs

Science fiction fans already know everything about aeroponic gardens, an idea borrowed directly from Star Trek and featured in many other recent Sci-Fi movies. Michael Bissonette, the serial entrepreneur, had recently sold a home-based enterprise and another involved in remote control with voice recognition, which leads us to conclude that this driven personality has to be a science fiction aficionado.

It would not be surprising to see him create a company that wants to organize the first telecom services or maybe something simpler and less ambitious, but witch would be in line with the products that he released on the market so far.

Aeroponics was first developed by NASA on the imperative to make spacecraft as easy as possible. Yes, were in space again! Making plants grow without soil would really be a great advantage, so NASA scientists suggested this idea and discovered that plants would grow even faster than in the field if nutrients were sprayed directly on the roots of the plant, leaving dangling in the air. Hence the name Aeroponics.

There is obviously a whole group of people who already use similar units to grow a commonly illegal crop that involves a plant that contains a mind-changing substance. But the contradictions that these light on using farmers are raw and expensive compared to Bisonnetts new appliances and they are not adapted to grow tomatoes, strawberries or other legal herbs. And with this thought in mind, Mr. Bissonette dropped into a potentially large market, namely housewives who continually need fresh herbs in their kitchen, whether they have a garden or not.

After exceeding quite unexpected problems that extended the development phase by two years, six months were spent creating a smooth design. By that time, the obstacles had been overcome with economic lighting, finding kitchen-friendly plants and compensating for differences in the chemical composition of the circuit. In addition, nutrients must be delivered efficiently.

Harvey McKay, another entrepreneur who made it from the beginning in the paper industry, wrote in Swim With The Sharks that if you want to earn money from growing fish in a pond, it would be wise to lay a fence around it for fear of harvesting no fish at all when harvested. Many small innovators with a bright new idea have been crushed by one of the bigger boys out there who simply copy the concept and put their own brand on the final result.

Thats why Michael Bissonette did exactly the opposite. He took an idea from a big brand, in this case, razor and blade marketing technique, which Gillette so brutally efficiently uses that Jay Leno talked about prices that are absurdly high on his national television show. The kitchen gr

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